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Massage by Giovanna Mason, C.M.T.
Giovanna has resumed massage appointments on the third Wednesday of the Month. The next date is Dec. 16th, 2020 from 3:00-6:00 pm. Massage clients are invited to bring their own sheets and arrive for the appointment with a mask.

   • 30 minutes for $39.00
   • 60 minutes for $70.00
   • 90 minutes for $100.00
   Cash or check on the date of service. Gift Certificates are also available.
   Appointments can be scheduled by calling or e-mailing the office.
   Please notify the office of a cancellation at least 24 hours before the appointment. That allows us to accommodate massage clients on the waiting list.
   A cancellation within 24 hours has to be made to Giovanna by calling (408) 506-4261. Cancellation within 24 hours of the appointment is subject to the massage fee in full.

Pre-Participation Sports Physical.
Physicals were offered for High School Athletes during the school year 2014-15.
On-site physicals were performed at Saratoga High School in May, August and October, 2014 and January 2015.

In-office physicals on Los Gatos Blvd. were also offered. This program has been discontinued due to legistalive restrictions imposed on the chiropractic profession.

Saratoga Falcons Physicals Team
Physicals Team: Dr. Jensen with then chiropractic students Kyle and Ellie

Chiropractic Racing Team.
The team of 10 runners finished 2nd over all in the 200-mile foot race, THE RELAY, May 2-3, 2009, from Calistoga to Santa Cruz (22 hours 18 min 35 sec.). The race was a fund raiser for Organs 'R' Us. Over $2,500 was collected by team supporters as a donation for this cause. The preparation included a successful Parking Lot Sale on Los Gatos Boulevard and the collection of 3,042 lbs of e-waste.

Our team supported Michelle who was in need of a kidney and a pancreas.
4/21/09, 2:30 am, Michelle completes 6 hours of kidney and pancreas transplantation surgery at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco.
4/28/09, Michelle is released from the hospital and returns home.
5/3/09, 1:18:35 pm, Chiropractic Racing Team finishes second in The Relay.

.The Relay Team
Left to right: Oliver, Jose, Bruce, Dr. Jensen (squatting), Magnus, Matt, Ken, Bill, Andy (sitting), Missy, Scott (squatting).


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